Kids and Parents Learning Math: Together – Review Education For kids

After browsing through a number of math homework forums, there is a pattern. Parents have having difficulty with their kids math homework.Math games are beneficial for kids and parents. Many parents can add and subtract. Is basic addition and subtraction good enough? Can you consider probability and plan ahead your next move? It is likely that many adults would have fun playing the same games as their kids.Our spotlight is on an Educational Review we wrote on the game, Lost Cities some time ago. This will give you an example of the more than just operations idea of Math.Simplified ObjectiveThe objective of the game is to collect numbered cards from 2-10 in order which add up to more than 20.ChallengeThe problem is that for each coloured section, it might not be possible to collect numbered cards up to 20, which results in a penalty. To manage your cards, while adjusting your strategy based on your opponents moves, and the number of cards left in the draw pile.Positive Attitude Towards MathematicsThis game presents mathematics with a story, and is played within a framework. By being creative, you will learn that there is not just one correct way to be successful at this game.Number Sense & NumerationThe problems change as the cards are laid, requiring the players to adjust strategies and re-calculateData Management & ProbabilityKeep track of your cards (Manage your colour sections based on the cards you and your partner have. Memorizing and Counting Cards- Plan your moves based on the probability of making your goals.Other Recommendations:King’s Cribbage- Is like Scrabble but you need to make Cribbage hand-15, runs and pairs. The challenge is you need to work with he tiles you have picked. This is great! It takes simple addition and takes it the next step to planning, You need to look at previous played tiles to plan your next move. There is no “tile tree”. Get those 15′s…they give you points fast. Rummikub and Yahtzee follow a similar gameplay to this game.

Leapster Explorer – Education and Entertainment in One Handheld Gaming Device – Review Education For kids

As parents, we all know how important education is for our kids, especially when they are in aged for 4 to 9. That is one crucial moment of age where kids need to be taught with lots of basic skills like reading, writing and simple mathematics. We often had tried many ways to try to teach our kids that sometimes lead to frustration because our kids do not want to learn. So then the problem arises as how in the world can we make our children learn as well as play at the same time.That is why you need to look at the Leapster Explorer Learning Game System. Leapster Explorer offers your kid the kinds of a game that will not only let them play, but also learn. This is one revolutionary game that combines education and entertainment in one handheld device for kids aged 4 to 9. With this Leapster Explorer, your kid can practice lots of basic education skills from reading writing as well as simple sciences with lots of fun.This product was built in preset games and videos with lots of plenty downloadable features and cartridges. Kids can download more than 40 games that offer a wide variety of activities that are included in cartridge games. They can also log on to the safe learning world of games and activities that is served by the Leapster Explorer on line through the USB connection. Isn’t this one product revolutionary or what?The Leapster Explorer works the same just like any other handheld gaming device. It has combinations of buttons, which can be used by them, but the operation will be likely to focus on the tethered stylus and touch screen. This gaming device is light in weight so children can bring them along on their bags to show with other friends, and it is perfectly safe for kids to use to. There won’t be any sharp edges that might endanger kids because practically the shape is built in blunt edges. The tiny buttons are placed well enough to prevent it from being broke and accidentally swallowed by kids.Parents can also keep track on the kid’s development on the game when they log on to the Leapster Explorer. Parents can set up a new free account there so that you will be able to see your kid’s progress in finishing a certain task in the game along with the amount of time that your kids need t spend in finishing one game. This Leapster Explorer will be one revolutionary device that your kids need to learn in a fun way.